Opto is a German company manufacturer unique imaging objectives and compact digital microscopes for industrial and biomedical applications.
Opto is a leading partner for machine builders and OEMs to help solve optical requirements.

Accessories are also available.


Opto GmbH, high resolution macros lenses for machine vision Zero Distorsion MP - Designed to image small objects at very high image resolution
Typically used for dimensional measurements of mechanical parts, electronic components and board inspection
Magnification: 0.3x to 2.0x - Diameter: 35mm - C Mount

OPTO: Zooms and macro zooms for image analysis

OPTO GMBH, zooms and macro zooms for machine vision and microscopy 7:1 Zoom OEM - Fully Parafocal and optimised parcentricity
Unique square design enables easy and versatile mounting options
Adjustable C Mount

OPTO GMBH, modular zooms for image processing 7:1 Zoom Modular - Modular C-mount zoom
Exceptionally reliable zoom guarantees through it's modularity a solution for most imaging applications where flexible magnification is beneficial
All tubes are diameter 35mm

OPTO GMBH, macro zoom for image analysis in microscopy 6:1 Macro Video - Designed to be attached directly to C-mount CCD/CMOS cameras
Includes a special "close up" lens that allows it to cover a field of view from 4.3 to 400 mm

Opto, 12.5 zoom for machine vision and biomedical applications 12,5:1 Zoom - Big brother of the 7:1 Zoom
Same reliability, flexibility and optical perfection
With an optional auxiliary lens, it can also be used as a Macro lens
All tubes have a diameter of 35 mm

Opto GmbH, bi telecentric lenses for microscopy

Opto GmbH, high precision telecentric lenses for scientific imaging Bi-telecentric Megapixel - Developed for high precision measurement applications in machine vision
C-Mount cameras supported up to 2/3" (CCD or CMOS chip)
Large Field depth
Extremely Low distorsion
Magnification: 0.05x to 0.32x

These lenses can be equiped with Quadramount version for easy integration in industrial company

Opto GmbH: low distorsion telecentric lens Telecentrics compacts - For OEMs
Object side telecentric for exact measurements
Low distorsion - C Mount
Magnification: 0.5x to 1.0x