Cleanalyzer, precision measurement, analysis and documentation of filter particulates
Compliant to ISO 16232 and VDA Bd. 19 standards

Cleanalyzer is a precision engineered analytical system designed to examine microscopic particulate debris captured on filters - a key procedure in performing reliable and reproducible evaluation of component cleanliness.
  • Powerful yet simple interface for automatic measurement, analysis, separation and classification of particles
  • High-end optical system with perfectly matched illumination ensuring optimum image quality
  • Compliant to ISO 16232 and VDA Bd. 19 standards
  • Measurement of particles down to 35µm, 15µm or 5µm according to model
  • User creatable standards

Objectifs télécentriques Opto pour applications de vision

Analysis of number, shape, size and classification of particles
Automatic detection of particle types (reflecting particle e.g. metals, fibres)
Evaluation of more than 50 particle parameters for each article (length [according VDA], width, area, length of fibre, width of fibre, brightness, reflection rate and many more)
Easy export function for all analysed data into Excel and databases
Contemporary and fully customisable user interface for different measuring scenarios
Compilation of overview image